Friday, December 11, 2015

The Last Day

Ever since I got over being sick during my last pregnancy, my life has been a series of discomforts. I had almost constant headaches during my last pregnancy, which meant daily doses of tylenol and caffeine to stave off the migraines that would sometimes come. I thought things would improve once he was born, but in the almost six weeks since giving birth, things have actually stayed the same of gotten worse. I have terrible brain fog. I can't concentrate very well. I am irritable. My joints ache all the time. I have a hard time digesting my food properly. I have very low energy levels and walking up the stairs nearly wipes me out. If I do a lot during the day, I go to bed with horrible shin splints and back aches. I rely on sugar to help me feel good and I almost always subsist on bread to get me through the day of nursing hunger.

Today will be the last day I feel all of those things at once. My body can heal itself. That starts tomorrow. Today will be the last day. Stay posted for updates.

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